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LifeStar - A Non-Profit Medical Air Transportation ServiceLifeStar - A Non-Profit Medical Air Transportation ServiceLifeStar - A Non-Profit Medical Air Transportation ServiceLifeStar - A Non-Profit Medical Air Transportation Service


Because of LifeStar, my wife, Mary, made it to her lung transplant in time.  We were amazed at how quickly you responded and the compassion and sense of urgency the crew demonstrated.  Thank you so much!  -John Reynolds

LifeStar allowed us to fly to my treatment and return home in one day.  Without LifeStar, it would have been a three day trip by car, or a prohibitively expensive airline ticket.  -Martha Shive

 We are just normal people with a very sick child.  LifeStar allows us to reach medical treatment without a large travel expense.  -Michele Gameron

Everyone in the American Syringomyelia Alliance Project (ASAP) thanks LifeStar for transporting patients and families to our charity event. The service provided by LifeStar means more than you will ever know.  -Mark S. Kane

 The flights provided by LifeStar were first class.  Those flights accommodated my busy schedule and allowed me to speak at the Hunterís Hope symposium.  It is great that you can provide this service to families with serious medical needs.  -David Wenger, Ph.D.

It is nice that you provide this service to people in desperate need of it.  The trip allowed me to visit my children while I am 300 miles away for 8 weeks of treatment.  I will urge others to contribute to your service.  -Amanda Irvine

I felt very safe and at ease while the flight was in progress.  Previously, I traveled by an eight hour train trip and had to allow three days for my appointments.  With LifeStar, I can do it in one day.  -Marcia Miller

 Without LifeStar, my three children and I would have had to drive 11 hours and allow two days for travel each way.  The two hour flight on LifeStar took a tremendous burden off of us and allowed us to enjoy quality family time together at Camp Sunshine.  This is such a wonderful service!  -Christie Waterman

 A one hour flight saved us a more than 6 hour car ride one way.  Excellent service and accommodations; this was definitely a Godsend.  Thank you so much!  -Tammy Austin

 LifeStar saved our family at least two days of travel and hotel expenses.  The flight reduced our stress level and reminded us of how compassionate and  generous strangers can be.           -Robin Olson

LifeStar succeeds in improving access to specialized health care for patients who may not otherwise afford it.  -Mathew Enstice

It is a comfort to know you are only a phone call away.  It will be an answer to prayer for many.  -Jen Ann Berger

 Your service of bringing the patient to the source of help can make the difference between life and death.  LifeStar will fill a gap in the health care continuum.  -Wilson Greatbatch

 This is a great service to offer to medical patients.   -David Johe, M.D.

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