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LifeStar - A Non-Profit Medical Air Transportation ServiceLifeStar - A Non-Profit Medical Air Transportation ServiceLifeStar - A Non-Profit Medical Air Transportation ServiceLifeStar - A Non-Profit Medical Air Transportation Service

Why Are We Here

Recent consolidation in the health care industry has resulted in hospitals and medical centers becoming specialized points of care. For example, one hospital may specialize in cancer treatment while another hospital specializes in burn treatment while yet another specializes in organ transplantation.

The rapidly evolving health care industry has created a hurdle to many patients who require specialized medical care.

Specifically, these patients find that they are required to travel long distances to obtain needed medical care. In many cases the patient must make numerous trips to a distant medical center. This subjects the patient to uncomfortable and painful travel affecting the patient’s and their family’s quality of life. Travel expenses are often not covered by insurance, thereby creating a serious and sometimes insurmountable financial burden. This creates additional mental and physical trauma for all involved.

This situation has always existed. However, in recent years, the number of patients that must travel hundreds of miles and personally incur the expense has dramatically increased. It is estimated that over 20,000 people were transported, free of charge, by volunteer organizations in 2001. This saved patients and their families an estimated $10 million in travel expenses. Some of these organizations provided disaster relief during the September 11th tragedy. And, these civilian, general aviation aircraft were permitted to fly while all airlines were grounded.

LifeStar Inc. was conceived to address and eliminate the “transportation trauma” affecting a rapidly growing population of medical patients.

LifeStar Inc. will compliment the efforts of existing volunteer and non-profit organizations by providing air transportation to over 300 people annually.


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